Corn Witch Costume

The day before Halloween, October 30, is National Candy Corn Day, so what better and sweeter Halloween costume for you than the Candy Corn Witch Costume.

Forget the ‘wicked witch’ costumes.  Get dressed up in the Candy Corn Witch Costume and be the sweetest Halloween witch.

You can get Corn Witch Costumes for you, your daughters, from toddler to tweens to teens and even your dog.

They are pretty costumes too in the colors of the Candy Corn which is a broad yellow bottom, a tapered orange center, and a pointed white top.  The corn witch costumes come in these colors.  Some of the costumes available follow the Indian Corn colors, a chocolate brown bottom, orange center and pointed white top.

<– Candy Corn Witch Toddler Costume

This little black dress with a yellow skirt that has a black spider web mesh overlay, the bodice has silver criss-cross ties and the sleeves are the candy corn, white, yellow and orange colors.  The collar is the same spider web mesh as the skirt overlay and has a candy corn patch.

This candy corn outfit is complete with the black cat sac and black witch hat. The sac is the witch’s black cat, with green eyes, orange nose, candy corn ears and whiskers.  The cute witch’s hat is black with an orange band plus the mesh trim.

Trick or treating will be so much fun this year.  Every little girl loves to dress up and in this Candy Corn Witch Costume, she will feel like a Princess but hold the powers of a lovely witch.

The outfit includes the dress, hat and sac and is available in One Size Fits Most Toddlers: 2-4.  The shoes and tights aren’t included.  I think you will be impressed with the quality and price of this Halloween costume.

Sweet Treat Toddler Costume

Sweet Treat Toddler Costume –>

What are little girls made of?  Yes, sugar and spice and all things nice, just like Candy Corn.  This little Candy Corn Witch Costume comes just like the real thing.  This is definitely a sweet treat costume. No tricks, all treats.

This corn witch costume has a brown, orange and yellow dress. The bodice has puff sleeves with a lace-up front. Included with the costume are the candy corn design tights and a matching witch hat.

This is another candy corn costume that will have everyone saying how can a witch be so sweet and pretty?  Yes, a witch can be sweet and pretty when she is dressed in a Sweet Treat Candy Corn Witch Costume.  The dress, hat and tights are included with this costume.  You can see the sizes available here.

Kandy Korn Witch Teen Costume


<–Kandy Korn Teen Witch Costume is just like the real Kandy Kron, deliciously sweet.  That’s is how you will look in this costume for Halloween this year.

This very sweet Kandy Korn costume has a corset top dress with a candy corn applique, a striped hat and stockings.  You will have a wonderful time when you are out trick or treating or at the Halloween party later looking deliciously sweet.

You will get the dress, hat and stockings, the shoes aren’t included.  There are two teen sizes, the small/medium and medium/large.

We have been told this costume is running small in the chest area so if you are between sizes it would be better to buy the next size up.

There are some great costumes and accessories available to complete your corn witch costume. You can get candy corn shoes, black feather sparkle broom, candy corn tights, candy corn shoes, a candy corn wristlet,

So Halloween Trick or Treating will be much more fun when you dress up in the very lovely, sweet, Candy Corn Witch Costume.

A recipe for you, Candy Corn Cookies – Have these ready for trick or treating……YUM!!

Corn Witch Costumes have become very popular so don’t delay in ordering for you and your family

Why Not Make Your Own Candy Corn?

Halloween and candy corn go hand in hand. You can buy your candy corn but have you thought about making your own?

Here is a homemade recipe for candy corn that I think you will love. It will give you a delicious candy corn that has a marshmallow flavor and will definitely be a hit at the Halloween parties. The candy corn from this recipe will be of a different taste and texture from the standard, much softer and they have a sweet taste like a vanilla marshmallow.

This recipe is a little time consuming but is not difficult. To help make the process faster, there is a technique you can use using a fondant or white marzipan that you can buy. The amount of candy corn you will get from this recipe is 1.5lbs but it is easy to halve or double. You can find this recipe here. So have fun making your candy corn this year and be ready to be asked for your recipe as others will want to make their own next year.

You can find this recipe here.

You can also make candy corn fudge.

What about Candy Corn Snack Cakes?

Here is another recipe for candy corn that you may like to try, it is slightly soft, fresh and you can’t find it in stores but you can find the recipe to make it here.

There are lots of homemade recipes for Candy Corn, why not find one that you like and make it your Halloween signature sweet.

So have fun making your candy corn this year and be ready to be asked for your recipe as others will want to make their own next year.